How we work with Sailing Clubs

We primarily use our growing fleet of sailboats and sailboards (windsurfers) and other equipment, to support yacht clubs.

In particular we provide equipment to allow clubs to:

  • run ‘Fun Sailing’ days, open days and the like, which give schools, community groups and the general public the chance to try sailing
  • run ‘Learn to’ courses – YNZ sailing, WNZ windsurfing, adult learn to sail etc
  • embrace new members who have completed a course and not yet bought their own boat/board, but want to participate in the club’s programmes.

Some clubs have their own equipment and will want to use ours as well to cater to bigger numbers, or to quickly access newer or better gear.  Others will prefer to avoid the hassles of fundraising for, obtaining, managing and maintaining their own fleets.

Whilst our base is the Bay of Plenty Sailing Centre at Sulphur Point in Tauranga, we aim to serve the wider Bay of Plenty community and are currently working with clubs in Tauranga, Port Ohope and Rotorua.  Depending on local demand, equipment may be available to clubs outside the region.

But it does not end with equipment alone.  We also work with clubs on fundraisers eg for coaching, support for sailors competing overseas etc.  As a registered charity, our name and financial oversight can boost the support for, and integrity of, your fundraising efforts.

Contact Roger Clark on 027 683 8466 or for more information.