Who We Are

The Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy Trust, or BoPSAT for short, was established in 2004 by a group of passionate people who wanted to give sailing a real boost in the Bay of Plenty.  Leading this group was Mr Roy Walmsley, whose drive over the first decade largely brought that vision to life.  We are a registered charitable trust and our main base is at the Bay of Plenty Sailing Centre at Sulphur Point, Tauranga. 

Whilst the Centre is also the home of a number of other sailing organisations including the Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club, and whilst most trustees have historically been TYPBC members, BoPSAT is independent of the club and operates according to its own trust deed and goals.  We continue to work closely with TYPBC, Port Ohope Yacht Club and Rotorua Yacht Club.

BoPSAT currently owns 41 boats and boards.  We also have lifejackets, spray jackets and wetsuits, and three road trailers.

Patron: Peter Burling

World Sailor of the Year, Olympic Gold and Silver medallist, Emirates Team New Zealand skipper: this popular Tauranga sailing legend needs no introduction.  Peter was part of one of the first school teams to use our 420s for training and racing, before competing in a 470 at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 aged just 17.  We like to think that his team sailing experience helped set him up for Americas Cup match racing!  The Burling family are great supporters of BoPSAT and we are delighted that Pete agreed to become our patron in 2015.

Roger Clark, Chairman

Roger also began sailing at the age of ten in Tauranga. Sailed P Class; Moth; Cherubs and Paper Tiger Catamarans.

His passion is multihulls. Until recently, Roger & his wife Rosemary owned the 10.6m Tennant Racing Cat FullyCharged. Roger has sailed 7,000 offshore miles, mostly in catamarans. He was Commodore of Tauranga Yacht Club for 2 years and still enjoys an active roll in the Club. Currently participates in club races on a Tornado catamaran and enjoys beating Stuart and Phil!! Roger works in the battery industry.

Phil West, Treasurer

At age eleven Phil got a P Class and began sailing at TYPBC.  A few years later he upgraded to a Laser which he enjoyed sailing until study, career and family became the focus.  He qualified as an accountant and has had a successful career in business. However he refused to give up on his sailing dreams and didn't sell the Laser until 2015, when he bought 'Feisty Feline', a Tornado catamaran, with Stuart.  "I'm just happy to be back out on the water" says Phil.

Tina Kennedy, Trustee

Tina's family attended the annual Barter Card Fathers Day Sailing Event in 2011 and were hooked from that point on! Not having a "sailing" history made the entire process daunting but exciting. Her two children have now completed their training and are competing in as many national regattas as time (and money) will allow. Her husband Tony has also acquired a Laser of his own and sails on club Sundays.

Tina has taken the Adults Learn to Sail course but is a self confessed "Land Lubber". As a "sailing" mum she decided that the best way she could be a part of the sailing world was to volunteer her time as a BOPSAT Trustee, as Secretary of the club centreboard division, and to help out on the club race committee boat. She says it is a very rewarding experience.

Recently appointed trustees

Darryl McManus
Dawn Winters
Dave Merton