Support Us

Capital grants

We rely for our success on the generous support from time to time of a number of funding bodies to purchase equipment, which have included:

  • TECT
  • The Lion Foundation
  • NZ Community Trust

The charges we levy for the use of our equipment are intended to cover routine maintenance but do not provide for replacement. Without capital grants we can't keep our fleet up to scratch and our rates low.

Marine sector sponsors

We also have a small group of corporate sponsors who help keep our costs down: click the tab on the right.  Please support our sponsors whenever you have the opportunity!

As well, our trustees, fleet captains and coaches, provide their time on a voluntary basis.
We have a number of other overhead costs including insurance, affiliation fees and administration, which we keep under tight control.

Private sponsors

We would love to do a lot more with our Sponsored Schools programme, our Sailing Scholarships programme, and our Overseas Sailors Fund (click the green tabs at the top of the page for more info).

How can you help?

  1. Sign up for one of the programmes run by the clubs we work with
  2. Spread the word about the sailing opportunities in the Bay
  3. Offer your skills and time eg in coaching (we'll train you!), fundraising or looking after our gear
  4. Make a donation towards our operations (with a one third tax credit)
  5. Become a sponsor of us, or through a scholarship to a deserving individual sailor
  6. Help us build our 'SAIL FOR LIFE' endowment fund

The 'Sailing Scholarships' option, as featured on Newshub, is a multi-year commitment to support one promising young sailor throughout their school years - provided that they are committed and continuing to perform.  Over that time the support will likely start at not more than $1000pa but may need to increase as they move through different sailing classes, get more specialist coaching, and attend more regattas.  Note that you can get a 1/3 refund of your annual donation through IRD. By year 13 they will hopefully make the NZL youth sailing team and have access to other support.  You will have changed their life!  Contact us.

The 'SAIL FOR LIFE' endowment fund at Acorn Foundation

We established this fund in September 2013 as a long term funding source for sailing in the Bay of Plenty.  The fund started making annual distributions in August 2015 and reached a capital balance of $126,000 in March 2017.  Our next capital target is $250,000, and no amount is too large or too small!

You can help now to provide a reliable future income for BoPSAT by

a.    Making a lump sum bequest now - note you will get a one third tax credit, and/or
b.    Leaving a legacy to our fund in your will - this could be for a dollar amount or for a small percentage of your estate

Here's another idea: pledge to match other donors up to whatever amount you choose, with a deadline of say 31 March 2018, and double the impact of your donation! So for example if you were to pledge up to $50,000, and someone pitches in $15,000, you'll match that to produce a total boost to Sail for Life of $30,000.  You (and the other donor) will each be able to claim back 1/3 or $5,000 from IRD, so your net outlay will be $10,000.  You will have tripled your money by giving it away!
Please click and choose the 'Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy' option to donate directly. 

Please contact Roger Clark on 027 683 8466 or email to find out more about any of these opportunities to help.