How we work with Sailors

Sailor Scholarships

In this new programme for 2016-17, we want to take promising kids who have completed our sponsored schools programme, and support them for multiple seasons as they see how far they can go with sailing.  We do this by pairing them up with individual supporters who will fund scholarships.  Based on our coaches' recommendations, this could cover club membership, ongoing coaching, regatta costs and providing free equipment.  Scholarships will continue right through the sailor's school years if they continue to show a passion and commitment and are achieving success.

We currently have three scholarships available and expect at least some of them to be taken up with sailors before the end of the 2017-18 season.  Application is through the sponsored schools programme

Overseas Sailors Fund

Those at the top of their game have the chance to get selected to represent their country at international events, such as the annual World Sailing Youth Championships, Youth Olympics, and Opti Worlds.  Our Overseas Sailors Fund makes cash grants available to young Bay of Plenty sailors to help cover the costs of training for, travelling to and attending these events.  

The fund is also available for adult blind sailing and disabled sailing competitors selected by their governing body to compete overseas.
The application form for the Fund can be downloaded here. Please note trips to 'open entry' events ie where you choose to attend rather than having been officially selected, are not eligible for BoPSAT funding.


If you’re already into a club sailing programme, you may want to come to us for a charter of a boat or a board for yourself.  Charter can be very attractive if

  • you are not yet ready (or in a position) to buy your own gear, or
  • you expect to stay in a particular class for a limited time, or
  • you own a boat but want to try racing in another class for a season, or
  • you need a second boat as yours is elsewhere, damaged or in transit.
As a charity, our charges are set to cover maintenance and modest overheads only, not replacement or a profit margin.  Charters cost just $200 for a school term and $100 or $150 for a school holiday.

Our charter fleet

We currently look after a fleet of boats and boards including:

  • Eight Open Bic junior skiffs
  • Six Far East Optimist sailing dinghies
  • Six Bic Techno One Design windsurfers

These are all fully kitted out racing equipment and form the core of our private charter fleet. Click here for more information

We also have:

  • Plastic Optimist sailing dinghies
  • Topaz sailing dinghies
  • International 420 sailing dinghies
  • Viper windsurfers

These are primarily used for club and schools programmes but are sometimes also available for short term private hire, provided that:

  1. The hire advances the trust’s objectives ie getting more youth in the Bay of Plenty into sailing.
  2. The hirer is a ‘friend of the family’ ie well known to us as a capable sailor and trustworthy person
  3. The hire is to participate in an organised activity with support boat(s) in place eg a yacht club event
  4. There will be a trustee on site in any case to check the boat in and out

If you can tick these four boxes, go to the Contact Us page to enquire - and please don't leave it to the last minute!